Ugo Grandolini

Presenting some of the latest images of

Project Freedom

with Giulia, Ginevra, Irene & Eleonora

(in order of appearance)

How can I add a sense of depth to an image?

While preparing some images for my next auctions, I started experimenting to create a different kind of art.

We believe we live in a free world but I’m not too sure about how much free we really are... So I started crating images by assembling two different prints to underline the concept of opposites: yin/yang, black/white, fat/thin... freedom/imprisonment in this case.

I ended up with what I believe is an interesting 3D effect – to see the effect all you need to do is to move a source of light around the image.

And, if you think about, photography is all about finding the right light to represent what you want to represent in a given image; so I think this new kind of prints I'm working at have an even more meaningful sense...

I will be curious to know what you think about it – please use the form here below to let me know or simply like my videos on YouTube: thank you!

You can see a preview here on the right.

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I am an Italian photographer, currently working on the lake of Como and, sometimes, around the world.

Known for my portraits, I recently started to approach photography from a more artistic point of view, I'm published on several magazines throughout North America, Europe and Australia.

Recently I started to sell my images as fine art prints.


Outer & Inner Beauty

I firmly believe that we are all born beautiful inside but, we let life changes us making us lose sight of what we really are...

I also believe that deep down, in the soul, we still remain what we are and yet, keep forgetting it.


My Work

I capture sensuality and erotism of an unconventional beauty, through imperfections of the body, wicked gestures and by exploring emotions.

More often than not, people tell me they see themselves in my images: when it happens I reached one of my goals.

FOGUE: a collection of my images published by international magazines

Would you like to create with me?

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