Ugo Grandolini


Ugo Grandolini was born in 1961 in Como.

He works in the software business for over 30 years, in 2016 he buys his first camera, starts taking photographs and by the end of the year he moves to Spain.

In 2017 he begins his training at a photography school while following a series of online course as an autodidact.

To deepening into the study of light, he sets up a small studio at home and begins to photograph dolls.

He presents the images of the dolls to the school as a final project resulting in a big success.

In 2018 he returns to Italy and begins a series of collaborations with models and some fashion stores.

Always enchanted by the work of Peter Coulson, Ugo attends one of his workshops. Enthusiastically, he resumes the project with dolls and starts shooting inspired by Peter's work.

In 2019 he meets a curator of art exhibitions who fall in love with some pictures of the dolls and invites Ugo to participate to his first exhibition in Venice along with 40 other international artists.