Ugo Grandolini


I capture sensuality and erotism of an unconventional beauty, through imperfections of the body, wicked gestures and by exploring emotions like vulnerability, sadness and rage.

At the beginning I used dolls just to study light – after some time I discovered there is a potential and I started shooting glamour and fine art using them.

The good: they stay put all the time I need, they don't smoke, no need to drink, no pause needed, available 24/7/365
The bad: impossible to connect, it's really difficult to have a conversation (!), I have to spend time to place them in the right position (and not all the positions I need can be done...)

Now I realize how lucky I am as, due to the COVID-19 situation, I will be able to keep working at least to one of my projects!

All my images are available as fine prints on selected Hahnemüle papers.