Ugo Grandolini


Como, Italy

Personal: September 19th ~ running

My first personal exhibition is dedicated to my home town: Como.

A serie of 30 images, all squared and mostly in black & white where I show some details of the city thought my romantic and, sometimes, provocative point of view.

The exhibition is taking place at "Il Cortiletto", one of the most frequented cocktails bars in Como.

Originally planned to end the exhibition on October 19, 2019 the owners like so much my images they decided to keep it running as long as possible!

Venice, Italy

Collective: August 31th ~ October 31th, 2019

For the first time I display two images in an exhibition together with several great artists from all over the world.

For the opening night I was asked to organise a body-painting performance. An artist created a live painted artwork in front of the public while I was shooting the experience.

Thank you to Carlo Galli, the curator, that loved my work and asked me to show my images.

The exhibition was taking place at Palazzo Merati, the home of Casanova.

Villafranca Padovana (PD), Italy

Collective: October 12th ~ November 16th, 2019

Two of my fine art prints are shown with a series of other images and paintings, sculpture and even poetry.

Organised by the CA' DURA Art Association in a wonderful Italian villa of the 1600 in the Veneto region.