Ugo Grandolini

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Portrait Session – Full day shooting

€2500.00 EUR

Your beauty deserves more than a selfie!

Enjoy a full day where we create some great images of you.


  • One hour shiatsu relaxing massage before the shooting
  • Hairdresser
  • Makeup Artist
  • All the best images in low resolution for your social networks
  • 10 high resolution full retouched images, ready to print

Capturing feelings

In my portrait sessions almost always a particular complicity is created with the person in front of the camera.

This creates unique emotions to both of us and thanks to these emotions we can create some special images, where I can grasp what you are deeply down, your soul – as many say, your emotion of the moment – understood as a moment in your life, rather than the instant of the shot.

How does it work

When you decide to organise a session, the first step is a nice chat, live or on Skype. This way we get to know each other and define where we are going to shoot: outdoors, in the studio or if we need to find other locations – for example if you want to organise a boudoir session (in underwear).

After understanding the genre you want to make, I prepare a series of reference images and share them on Pinterest – you are also free to send me some images you really like.

It is important to know that we will not make copies of the reference images: these images are used only to take inspiration for lights, clothing, the place and, above all, the mood of the session – or the feeling, which you want to express.

When we have the reference images we define the first useful date for both of us and then we go into session.

The session

While you tell me about your life, joys and sorrows, I shoot. And I will take a lot of images trying to catch all your emotions. A session lasts 4 to 8 hours. On average, I shoot from 600 to over 1000 images among which you will choose the ones you like best after I remove all the technically bad ones.

Throughout the session we will have background music: music is very important to me and is fundamental in the creative process.

After some days I upload on this site, on your own customer page, a selection of low-resolution images, with a watermark (a little semi-transparent logo in a corner) and almost no retouching – just some quick light arrangements.

Click here to see a sample customer page – you need to enter your email address to see the contents, however to access your page you will get a unique password,

You then flag all the images you like better so that I know what to post-produce.

I need some time for post-production and, as soon as I'm ready, I will email the final images, in high resolution, ready to be printed.

If I find suitable images in your selection, I will deliver them in both color and black and white – otherwise only in one of the two versions. I use color mainly where it brings something more to the image – in any case the camera always saves the color information, which is therefore always available.

If you need I can also help you choose the best images and, once defined, take care of the whole process of creating a book or poster and delivering everything already printed – these services will be invoiced separately.