Ugo Grandolini


All these projects are alive and I keep creating images that fits them.

For each project I shoot with at least 8/12 different models and when I'm happy with the images I start to prepare a selection of the best ones that fits in the original concept and all together with the other models.


Artistic nude images taken in the nature.

I use nudity to represent the freedom to be what we really are without any constriction due to impositions made by the rules set by the so called “civilization” that limit us to be and to like ourselves for what we really are.

We believe we live in a free world but I’m not too sure about how much free we really are...

Details Matter

Here I reimagine details of the body, like eyes, nose, mouth, fingers, curves from a different perspective. 

The resulting images are not about beauty but about "pieces" of the model body used as art.


Thoughts, feelings, concepts expressed with less conventional techniques. 

Suffering, mistreatment, injustice are all themes that are frequently present in my hearth and are reflected in this but, generally, in most of my images.


With this project I use the same wig with different models to underline the concept that we are all brothers and sisters. The wig is the common denominator and each model is free to represent herself has she likes. 

When I was a kid Martin Luther King was one of my superheroes and this is a tribute to him.


Images where the brain is stimulated by what the eye cannot see, all is left to the imagination of the viewer which we want to provoke: sensuality is always the mood.

Collateral Beauty

Got the idea from the eponymous film starring Will Smith (available on Netflix). I represent the three abstractions that Will speaks about in the first scene: Love, Time and Death. 

Each abstraction is represented in a different way with each model.


Images taken for the joy to shoot and that will become a project sometimes in the future.

Food & Soul

Using food and sometimes other materials like clay is fun and can help to give more power to an image. 

At the end of the day we are made by what we eat: aren't we?

Hidden Beauty

This is a real challenge: I want to take images of what are considered "defects", like moles, stretch marks, scars, capillary veins, etc and transform them in beautiful crafts of art to underline that the real beauty is not dictated by fashion nor by the media. 

...and when I'm more introspective

Photography is also a passion and I like to shoot to improve in my "solo" projects and to explore new genres of imagery because life goes always on, is too short and you don't have to waste any second of it.


My first project, started in 2017; everynow and then I get inspired and prepare new series of images with my dolls  that many find it hard to believe they are not real women.


My series on nature that reclaims its spaces stolen by a man who has less and less respect for her...


I love to walk in the streets of big cities to discover angles, lights and show details that are under the eyes of everyone under my own perspective, what I am.

Would you like to create with me?

I'm always looking for new models to create images for my projects.

Just fill the form here below with a brief description about your motivation to work with me and I will be in touch as soon as possible:


How can I add a sense of depth to an image?

While preparing some images for my next auctions, I started experimenting to create a different kind of art.

We believe we live in a free world but I’m not too sure about how much free we really are... So I started crating images by assembling two different prints to underline the concept of opposites: yin/yang, black/white, fat/thin... freedom/imprisonment in this case.

I ended up with what I believe is an interesting 3D effect – to see the effect all you need to do is to move a source of light around the image.

And, if you think about, photography is all about finding the right light to represent what you want to represent in a given image; so I think this new kind of prints I'm working at have an even more meaningful sense...

I will be curious to know what you think about it – please use the form here below to let me know or simply like my videos on YouTube: thank you!

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